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top horse games
Create a dream horse

Create your own dream horse

Before you get started with some of more difficult & eventful horse games for girls, we recommend you start by creating your very own dream horse with this great realistic horse building game. We know that horses aren't to be "built" but this game gives boys and girls a great opportunity to dress up their dream horse, before it heads off to be judged at the world's most prestigious shows. Definitely one of the more addictive horse games for girls!

HGFG Rating: 7 / 10

Dream Horse is a game designed for both boys and girls, giving the player a chance to create their own show horse. Click the above image to play Dream Horse.

Ponies in the City

Find out what Pony you are today

Ponies are often the first thing children think of when dreaming up the perfect birthday gift. This great free horse game for girls allows the player to take part in a quick quiz with straight forward multiple choice questions. After the questions have been answered, the game creates a "Pony Persona" for the player which is affected by their answers. The game only allows you to create one pony persona per day, so it's a great game to keep coming back to each day. From a learning perspective, this game can provide your young children a chance to understand daily routine.

HGFG Rating: 7 / 10

Ponies in the City is a horse game designed for girls, giving the player a chance to find out what type of pony they are. Click the above image to play Ponies in the city.

My Pony Park

Design your own Horse Empire!

If your children are of the creative type, then why not try their hand at creating their very own horse packed fantasy world. Pony Park allows the player to create their own landscape, adding their favourite animals, attractive surrounds and of course horses. You can customize many different elements including what the horses are wearing, the colours of their eyes and even the landscape background. There aren't many horse games for girls available that have this level of customization - A really useful feature of saving means that you can come back at any time to continue playing. Head over today to create your very own dream horse planet!

HGFG Rating: 7 / 10

Pony Park is a creative world building game for both boys and girls that encourages children to use their imagination. There's no limit to how magical their Pony Park can be!

Pony Wood

Battle against other Pony lovers today!

Ponies are not often related to any kind of battling or fighting, this harmless Bomberman clone allows players to control a pony character across the large forest like landscape against another player. The aim of the game is to shower your opponent with rainbow fairy dust before they do the same to you first. The great aspect of this free online horse game is the fact that you're playing against another real person as Pony Wood takes advantage of internet multiplayer gaming. Pony wood is definitely a game that can be enjoyed by both boys and girls.

HGFG Rating: 8 / 10

Pony Wood is a free online game inspired by the classic Nintendo clone, Bomberman. Rainbow dust the other player before they get you! Click the above image to play Pony Wood.

Charger Escape

Help Charger escape from the stables!

Younger children may Charger Escape a little more challenge, but when looking for challenging horse games for girls and boys, it doesn't get much better than this. You can guarantee that your children will be entertained for hours, trying to help Charger the horse escape from the stables that he appears to be locked in. Charger Escape is a real mystery game that engages the user, encouraging children to use their own logic and intelligence to uncover the crucial clues behind the mystery. Great sounds and neat graphics make a game that's guaranteed to entertain kids for hours.

HGFG Rating: 7 / 10

Charger Escape is a great online game aimed at the young detective wannabes out there. Solve puzzles and reveal clues to help Charger the horse escape the stables.

Horse Riding Coach

Try your hand at Horse Showjumping

For those of us who find our children fascinated by the horse show jumping on the television, it may be worth giving Jumporama 2 a go. A horse game that's designed to be played by anyone (even if you're not remotely interested in horses) you are in control of a horse and its jockey. This platform game then moves quickly to throw various obstacles that the player needs to jump over using the Space Bar. For every level cleared, the player is rewarded with an upgrade, like a new saddle for example. With a high scoring system that records player scores, you may find the young ones trying to beat their best friends score.

HGFG Rating: 8 / 10

Jumporama 2 is the follow on of the successful online horse game Jumporama. See what high score you can get before challenging your friends.

Pony Adventure

Travel on your very own pony adventure!

Pony Adventure is a true breath of fresh air when it comes to free online games. The majority of online games tend to lack a little creativity in the cosmetic design department, with certain characters looking like something we've already seen before. The attractive design and style of Pony Adventure is the first thing that catches your eye in this horse game for girls. Beautifully drawn characters, well animated movement and backgrounds that come to life make this game a definite hit. Travel through a fantasy world jumping over obstacles, learning new tricks, and achieving reward points for upgrades later in the game.

HGFG Rating: 7 / 10

Pony adventure is a well rounded game aimed at younger children, both boys and girls. Take a chance at setting a new high score with it's real-time world wide score board.

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